Monday, May 31, 2010

Getting back to basics...

Well I had an epiphany, and thanks to my awesome husband I realized that I am thinking way too much into this blog...I read/follow about 26 different blogs, all are pretty and very informative and well structured and well written. I think I got all caught up in thinking that THAT is how my blog should be, well in reality I am just using this blog outlet as a glorified food/exercise journal where I can take a few pics here and there and hopefully keep on track. I was getting all caught up in the hype that I forgot why I am doing this....I don't even have any followers! HAHA and although I read that ultimately blogs should be about the reader (at least successful ones) Mine is really about me and my journey to healthy living. I do hope that my ramblings do help someone out, but right now I am just doing this to keep my eating in check as it helps to post picks of what I am consuming :)

So without ado....Here goes for today

Breakfast was oatmeal, I used a recipe from the Dr. McDougal website...It was OK, but not as yummy as the coconut/walnut mix I had last week (no Pic)

After Core synergenics I had a green monster, very YUM just the basic one I usually make; Silk, a little fruit juice, spinach, strawberry, blueberry, flax and chia seeds and a scoop of soy protein powder (using it up the I am switching to hemp)
Lunch was pretty tasty, I had a salad greens topped with left over Chili, avocado, black olive, pineapple, sunflower seeds and soy nuts (did not use any dressing as it really didn't need any)
For Supper I had some brown rice, left over chili, roasted brussels sprouts, eggplant/onions and a fresh salad of cucumber and tomato (used balsamic vinegar and a bit of S/P for dressing) This was really YUM! and notice my plate...I love the sectional plates, I have this weird thing about my food touching...mostly its OK but if it is saucy then its a no...Also its great for portions, the 2 smaller sections hold 1/2 C, which is a nice serving of rice/starch and beans/lentils...the other section is for veggies (at least that is how I use the sections as veggies should make up most of your plate :))

I also went for a run tonight...went 3.9 K and WOW I am surprised at how hard it was! I felt like I barely made it home! I am hoping to make this a 4X a week event, which would be Sunday/Monday/Wednesday/Friday If I stick to this it should not interfere with P90X...but I will keep posting my progress :)

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