Monday, May 10, 2010

Small Vaca...

Well I have been away for a few days, Not that I did anything spectacular or anything...Mostly did what I normally do, just didn't blog about it...Although I did learn one thing, which was that when I blog what I eat, I eat way more healthily and my portions are smaller (Normal) WOW it is easy to get carried away and over feed ourselves! I find this weird as I am not hungry when this happens...Maybe more bored or maybe I am missing something that I need nutritionally, Not really sure what it I suppose I will keep the over eating in check with a variety of foods and taking pics! I think the most logical would be slipping back into old habits...

I spent today cleaning up the house, which was nice! now its all clean and I can actually cook properly...funny how cleaning can get away from you and things just start stacking up!

I will spend a few hours today going through the bag of purses my mom let me have (she was going to give them to goodwill) I am going to add them to the garage sale we are having this weekend! Its going to be tiring but fun! I am hoping to have a hot dog roast at least on of the evenings! it should be warm enough!

M finally set up the Malibu so I can drive it (insurance and registration) so we are going out tonight for a drive...I need lots of practice! my test is in just over a month away! So I needs lots of practice on parking and in town I am pretty good on the highway :)

I am just starting Week 3 of P90X, today was core synergenics! very hard and sweated like crazy but I can tell its working! Although I have not lost any scale weight...still 157, but I feel stronger and the push ups are not as hard....STILL hard but not AS hard LOL

Here are a few pics of my eats over the last few days (the ones I did take pics of)
Saturday I made steamed baby Bok Choy, Green Beans, mushroom/pepper couscous and had some vegan spring rolls (got them from Super Store...I love that place!!)

Today I had yogurt, muslix and peanut butter for Breakfast. I was excellent! One of my favorites! I will be picking up some organic almond butter next grocery run though as I think that would be nice for a change!

Had a Monster shake, Although today's was more brownish, I think it was the blackberries :) YUM!

Lunch was left over split pea soup, and a large salad + a slice of bread, Very tasty and satisfying

Supper was going to be the Ragu I made yesterday with some whole wheat pasta (topped with nutritional yeast) But looks like M's sister has invited us over for dinner, So its up in the air, I may still have my ragu if what she prepared is Vegan or not....personally I hate the last minute invites...I really don't think its too much to ask for advanced notice! I had this yesterday night, My sister in law made a casserole with eggplant and was delicious! I am so going to make it myself soon!

I suppose this means I am not driving today either....BOO!

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