Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Meetup

Last night was my first meetup with a beginner running group, I found this group using it was super fun and WOW the hills on this trail were killer! I felt so awesome after the run I am looking forward to next week as it looks like they meet every wednesday which I hope to be able to continue to do when I get a job!

It makes me sad a bit for not continuing my efforts after the half in '09 but I know that I can achieve that level again and will work towards maybe the Vancouver half in '11 :)

Something else also struck me on my way home from running, and I have been pondering it since. It bothers me how my anxiety in the vehicle controls me. I know that I schedule my life around it and it inhibits my personal growth. I know M likes that I depend on him but I depend on him for other things too and it would be nice to get this behind me!

I have looked on line for some insight and have come across EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) I am going to look into this further as it looks like it could be promising! It would be nice to be able to jump in the truck and drive myself to the running group or to the mall or be able to look for work outside the bus routes! I will keep you posted on my research :)

Other than that It has been pretty quiet...I think tomorrow we are going to go to a movie :)

Sept 22/23 Eats

Ok So Wednesday for breakfast I Oatmeal, one of my favorite breakfasts! YUM! The mango was super juicy and YUM!

Lunch was pretty good, took my left over fajita fillings and added some lettuce and called it lunch, We had company therefore I was distracted and didn't take a pic...Boo I am still trying to make it habit!

Supper was simple but delicious! Baked potato, Maple baked beans along with peas and onions...Very YUM!

Today I tried a couple of new things, The banana french toast was surprisingly very good! I will definitely be having this again!

Lunch was same as Tuesday so no pic...but just as YUM! although my soup was a bit bland, so next time I will be spicing it a bit more

Super was good and fast to whip up! Fried up some mushrooms and onions and mixed it with couscous also added some peas and had raw veggies on the side.

Tonight I also had a snack, I don't have it every night but I do like having the option which is why I add them to my menu. Tonight I heated some canned pears added cinnamon and pecans and walnuts.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

White Rock

WOW Yesterday was Awesome! M took me for a drive down to White Rock where there is a pier and of course the Ocean! It was so beautiful...and my pic does not do it justice! I can definitely see that we will be taking a lot of day trips there! It took a bit to find parking for our beast of a truck LOL but we did and although we only spent 2 hours walking the pier and dock, it seemed like we were there the whole day. The dock was very romantic and you can almost feel that many people have been proposed to on that dock! especially in the evening as it looked like it was rigged to be lit up!

While there we saw some people fishing and crabbing! I have never seen anyone crabbing before! We also noticed that there were lots of purple star fish in the reefs be the dock, I have never seen a purple star fish before!

On our way back we walk closer to the shops along the pier, There were lots of great restaurants that I am sure M will be enjoying some fresh clam chowder soon enough! But we avoided the temptation and stuck to the menu plan :) I was such a great day!! I cant wait to go back!

Sept 21 Eats

Yesterday was a busy day! but got all my meals in! and was able to avoid temptation!

Breakfast was another Green Monster, Same as yesterday so no pic, only difference was I put in 1/2 nectarine along with yesterdays ingredients.

Lunch was Tomato soup, which I make a fine Tomato soup if I say so myself! LOL It was delicious! I also had a few pieces of crispy flat bread topped with hummus, Super Lunch, I will definitely have this again!

Supper was also very YUM! AND M even shared ad didn't add meat! It kinda turned out to be a burrito/fajita mix with refried beans, tuffuti sour cream, avocado, onion/mushroom/green, red, yellow pepper mix topped with the red pepper mix from Monday all on a WW pita...It was sooo good! I had 2! with carrot and kohlrabi sticks.

For snack I have some Walnuts (in the shell! having them this way reminds me of Christmas!) and some dried fruit.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept 20

Well Today was pretty uneventful...Slept in, thought that I might have ruined my chances at starting my weekly menu idea, but I still got it all done, but know that once I start working there will be some changes and I will return to Sunday "prep" day!

I did get some great news though, while scrolling through FB I noticed that a friend of mine finally created a page! I was so exceited to re connect with her as she is an awesome person and I have missed her! so YAY to that! I hope that we will keep in touch as it will be great to see her when I go back to Edmonton for the family reunion!

M hung out with a friend for most of the day so I kinda just bumbled about and cleaned up a bit. Tomorrow should be fun as M is taking me to White Rock, I have never been this far south and I think we will be able to see the Ocean! We are also going to start working on some plans to take a trip to the island in the next couple of weekends, I think it will be great fun! and I am hoping to be able to visit with my cousin and step daughter! and get in some sight seeing as well! I will keep you posted! I will also take some pics tomorrow of White Rock,

Until Then Ciao

Monday, September 20, 2010

Today's Eats

Well today was pretty laid back...Although both M and I slept in a lot! We didn't roll out of bed until 12:45!!! Too much sleep for sure! My first day at my attempt to follow my menu went well :)

Breakfast consisted of a Green Monster: 1 Banana, 4 Strawberries, 1Tbs Flax seed, 2 Tbs Hemp protein, 1/2 cup almond milk and 2 handfuls of spinach...YUM!

Lunch was pretty good too! I have a large salad of romaine lettuce, mushrooms, yellow pepper, tomato, avocado, fresh basil and a small amount of Kraft balsamic vinaigrette along with a mixture of sun dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, garlic and basil on 2 sour dough flat crisps, Pretty good :) Will make this again!

Supper was pretty basic. About 2/3C Black beans heated in a frying pan with some Asian 5 spice sauce, then instead of the brown rice I had about 2/3 C of left over WW pasta with 2 Tbs spicy pasta sauce and a marinated cucumber and onion salad topped with some fresh tomato, pretty good

Because I woke up so late I started eating rather late in the day...So no dessert tonight, which I am OK with as I am not hungry and will be going to bed soon. Looking forward to tomorrows eats

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sept 20 - 26 Menu

Here is this weeks Menu, I am surprised at how long it took to create, but I suppose if I want to eat healthy and have a plan I have to put in some time! Let me know if you would like any of the recipes. I used a lot from the PCRM and a few from just searching google. I will take pics as I go :) and hope it all goes well, but will update any struggles I meet...

Breakfast: Smoothie
Lunch: Crostini with roasted red peppers (on flat bread instead of baguette) with fresh salad.
Supper: Black beans, Brown rice and Cucumber and onion salad
Snack: Heated canned peaches sprinkled with walnuts

Breakfast: Smoothie
Lunch: Tomato spinach soup with toast spread with bean dip
Supper: Burritos with raw veggies
Snack: Popcorn

Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins, walnuts, and banana
Lunch: Mexican salad using left over burrito mix
Supper: Maple baked beans with potatoes and pea and onions.
Snack: Peanut butter and wheat thins

Breakfast: Banana French toast with an orange
Lunch: Tomato spinach soup with flat bread and bean dip
Supper: Mushroom, onion and chick pea couscous with salad
Snack: ¼ C nuts and some dried fruit

Breakfast: Oatmeal pancakes with an Orange
Lunch: Tomato soup with left over couscous
Supper: Pizza
Snack: popcorn

Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins, walnuts, and banana
Lunch: Sandwich with raw veggies
Supper: Black beans with salsa on Toast with a salad
Snack: Heated canned pears sprinkled with walnuts

Left Over Day! Eat up anything left from previous week and prep for next week J

Settling In

Well, It looks like we are getting settled. This coming week we will get new phone numbers and start looking for work. I can really feel the need to meet some people and make some new friends!

I am still on the fence about the trailer living, so far I really like it. The space is a bit cramped but it is livable and so far only a few minimal maintenance items have showed up. I can see that there is a lot that I miss from being in the house/apartment. I suppose only time will tell...I am happy that I can talk about it to M and he understands and is pretty much on the same page :)

The kitchen kinda counter space and the fridge is small so I have to watch the amount of food I buy and learn to just go grocery shopping more often, I think today I will spend some time making up a menu for the week so to keep me on track and help me to not buy too much and be less wasteful. I will do a separate post for the menu :)

I know that I have been absent for quite a while...I am hoping this new focus will keep me blogging as I really like sharing my adventures! So here is to a new start and fun times!