Friday, May 7, 2010

City, Stove and Tokyo Express

mmm What a long Day!! But it started out great!

Breakfast was pancakes...Blueberry with flax...YUM They were awesome! I had them with some fruit. I read on a blog (Clean eating mama) that she eats Kiwi with the skin on....That is one reason I don't usually eat them as they are so messy! so I started eating them with the skin on...and YUM! so I had a Kiwi, Mandarin and some pineapple.

Did my P90X Legs & Back It was great! I sweated lots and pushed legs were shaky! and did Ab Ripper! I cant wait for the abs to start showing up! haha

Lunch was awesome! I had my usual at Tokyo Express: Avocado maki and a veggie pickled salad (bean sprouts, shredded carrots, and cucumber slices)...I wanted to have some tempura but they only offer a huge plate of it and M's dish already came with some..Boo

Here is My Lunch:

Here is M's...I used to order this all the time, but now its too much food!

Then we went to my cousins house and picked up her stove....I am very excited! I have already cleaned it up and am just waiting for it to dry out! (its been sitting out side all winter) I cant wait to bake a vegan coffee cake! and roast veggies!

One the way home we stopped at a few places, first Le Senza...New Bra's!!!! YAY I had a gift certificate that I wanted to use up :) I bought 3 new bras...They are a tad tight, but the the one I have is a size larger is a tad too I figure that once I am done P90X they will fit great!

Then...Off to Super Store! I try to visit SS every time I go to the city, they have a vast selection of vegan and organic foods! What I was looking for was yogurt...YUM they had the kind I love! I also found some miso soup base....Bean chips....egg replacer....spelt flour and a few other items :)

Supper was pizza, although I didn't get a pic. The pizza here in this little town is quite impressive...Although today's was disappointing...they didn't put 2 of the toppings that are usually there! Boo to that! But it did taste good just the same...

Busy day tomorrow so I am signing off!

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