Monday, May 31, 2010

Getting back to basics...

Well I had an epiphany, and thanks to my awesome husband I realized that I am thinking way too much into this blog...I read/follow about 26 different blogs, all are pretty and very informative and well structured and well written. I think I got all caught up in thinking that THAT is how my blog should be, well in reality I am just using this blog outlet as a glorified food/exercise journal where I can take a few pics here and there and hopefully keep on track. I was getting all caught up in the hype that I forgot why I am doing this....I don't even have any followers! HAHA and although I read that ultimately blogs should be about the reader (at least successful ones) Mine is really about me and my journey to healthy living. I do hope that my ramblings do help someone out, but right now I am just doing this to keep my eating in check as it helps to post picks of what I am consuming :)

So without ado....Here goes for today

Breakfast was oatmeal, I used a recipe from the Dr. McDougal website...It was OK, but not as yummy as the coconut/walnut mix I had last week (no Pic)

After Core synergenics I had a green monster, very YUM just the basic one I usually make; Silk, a little fruit juice, spinach, strawberry, blueberry, flax and chia seeds and a scoop of soy protein powder (using it up the I am switching to hemp)
Lunch was pretty tasty, I had a salad greens topped with left over Chili, avocado, black olive, pineapple, sunflower seeds and soy nuts (did not use any dressing as it really didn't need any)
For Supper I had some brown rice, left over chili, roasted brussels sprouts, eggplant/onions and a fresh salad of cucumber and tomato (used balsamic vinegar and a bit of S/P for dressing) This was really YUM! and notice my plate...I love the sectional plates, I have this weird thing about my food touching...mostly its OK but if it is saucy then its a no...Also its great for portions, the 2 smaller sections hold 1/2 C, which is a nice serving of rice/starch and beans/lentils...the other section is for veggies (at least that is how I use the sections as veggies should make up most of your plate :))

I also went for a run tonight...went 3.9 K and WOW I am surprised at how hard it was! I felt like I barely made it home! I am hoping to make this a 4X a week event, which would be Sunday/Monday/Wednesday/Friday If I stick to this it should not interfere with P90X...but I will keep posting my progress :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Falling off the wagon...

Well, I know I haven't posted in a bit! Not too much has been happening...

Although yesterday was eventful :) We went into the city! YAY Mike and I met at Smilie's (Chinese smorg) for lunch with my grandparents and any family members that wanted to stop by...The purpose (not just to hang with the fam) was to met up with grandpa's brother, Al and his wife Monique...Although I remember them from a few years ago (they came to the reunion) I don't really remember chatting it up with this time I got a chance to chat! WOW what great people! Although the McKerracher clan are a fun bunch we are pretty great in our own way! I really enjoyed chatting with Michelle as well...

You might be wondering what I had for lunch...Well the smorg did seem tempting! but I know everything is cooked with way too much oil! and has the possibility to be steamed with chicken broth, so before I got seated, I asked the host to bring me a plate of plain steamed veggies...they were very yummy!and I was very satisfied!

After our goodbyes M I made our way to the Big Mall....I know that a lot of people that live in Edmonton Hate WEM....But really I love it! I never tire of walking around and going into shops looking for treasures! Mike just dropped me off as he needed to get a part for his bike, Although it is bitter sweet to shop alone....One one hand I can go where ever I want and spend as much time as I want...It is fun to shop with others as well!

My Mall mission was to look for some summer shoes (nice strappy sandals with a little lift) I really like wedge shoes so I was liking for a nice black strappy number. To my disappointment I could not find any that were under 4 inch heals! now I am a short chick, but I also want healthy ankles I think anything over 3 inches is too much! then close tot he last store I found a great looking shoe that is until I turned it over...95.00!! I pay that for my running they have a job to do and I need to protect my feet and such...but for just a pair of shoes that I am going to hang out in....So needless to say I am still on the hunt!

Surprisingly enough I didn't purchase anything at the Mall.....This time! LOL When it was closing in on the time for Supper we made our way to Bourbon Street, where we met up with Mike's sister and her fiance, George. We were celebrating Georges Birthday at Earls for Supper then to the Comic strip for entertainment....Earls was awesome! I wasn't sure what to get as usually in restaurants like this are not too accommodating...but my server made some great suggestions, Steamed asparagus, mushrooms and coconut jasmine rice....All tasted great, definitely will try to make this at home!

The comic strip was great, nothing like a little comic relief, all 3 comics were funny so that was a plus! I have been to shows that the comic totally bombs! very awkward!

after This Cheryl and George made their way to 'Yodies which is a bar in Leduc...they asked if we wanted to come too, but both M and I think we are entirely too old for the bar scene LOL so we opted to go home, Mike was not feeling too well anyway.

This brings me to today, Today I woke up a bit late. I had some Oats for breakfast topped with coconut, walnuts, cinnamon, a splash of Silk and some Maple syrup...YUM! with a Mango. Very filling!

For lunch I whipped up some left overs...Some left over pasta and sauce mixed with roasted veggies and spinach, topped with some black olives...Very YUM! I still have left over past so I will make something similar for tonight's dinner :)

I know there are no pictures...I am trying to make it a habit....I am working on it

I have been toying with the idea of training for another half its six months away...The Vegas half. I think it would be great fun. But I am worried as I would be training alone this time....Its scary training by yourself....and boring. I am hoping to make out a schedule that is doable and keeps me focused.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


For the past little while I have been thinking....about so many things its almost paralyzing...I am not sure if it is that I feel so lost and unmotivated or is I am just in a slump.

I seem to have lost my passion....for anything. I am sure that a lot of people my age feel this way, but it is so frustrating! I hate the feel of been lost and alone. and so it seems I just continue on and either subconsciously but those feeling on the back burner instead of dealing with them....Than when they arise again I not only feel lost and alone but guilty for not dealing with it and now ultimately wasted time....Blah!

The weird this is that nothing is really standing in my way, except myself! There is no reason that I can think of as to why I am not running...I loved running and I am sad that I stopped after my first half. I keep giving myself excuses and talking myself out of time...not prepared (equipment) don't know the area...all are excuses that I already know how to fix, but don't seem to get on it! I am going to give myself a small test to run 3 times this week....nothing extravagant, but to just get out there and run at least 5 K, hoping this will spark my love for running.

I am also wondering what I want out of life, It seems that everyone around my is so wrapped up in work and studies that nothing will satisfy them...everyone just keeps working to get ahead and then even before they achieve that goal they have already made new ones and forget to enjoy the current achievements....then before they know it they are too old to enjoy....I am in search of my purpose...

Its a scary thought not knowing where you belong and how you fit into the bigger picture! I have been working behind a desk for so long...and I do enjoy the office setting, but I also want to do something that is physically demanding or at least I am not sitting for 8 hours a day, and I am sure everything can do without the office politics! I do love bookkeeping, and still hope to do that but maybe part time...I just done know! I am always interested in helping others and thought I could help others on their journey to healthy living...but then become discouraged in my own physical downfalls of unmotivation...but then I get thinking that everyone has doubts and set backs...and If I can learn from mine and then use that knowledge to help others :)

I think right now its so hard to get anything started...We seem to be waiting and waiting...Our plan on hold due to an unfortunate situation...I am confident that once we leave this little town we will revel in our new adventure and find our ultimate location...Like Michael always tells me...I am reading too much into everything...but how do you turn that off? If you have always done it...

I am not even sure if I am cut out to be a blogger...I am doing it today in hopes that writing will lead me to find some sort of inner light. I think it has been too long since my last cry....perhaps I will watch a sad movie to get the release going...

I know this is all over the place, but that is how I roll I guess :)

Well that is it for now...I will post my eats later...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

City Outing

Well Today was super hectic :) Cheryl, my sister in law, asked me to accompany her to her dress fitting so I can help her on her wedding day. We also heard the Cellist that will be playing her ceremony....AND saw M's cousin Stacie's new baby...Very Cute!

I was Up Sooo early, not sure why, I think I was just excited to go out today! So I had cereal and a mango for breakfast. Lunch well really I just grazed all day as we were in the car for most of the day.....I had 2 apples and a bag of dried fruit and nuts (apricots/banana/cashews/soy nuts)

For Super, I had a pita topped with left over stir fry....It turned out OK, but not my fav...I think it would more enjoyable if the veggies were hot and crispy :)

Its 10PM now, and I am thinking that I will be going to bed early, well earlier than usual...Have a great night!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today's Eats and happenins

Well Today was pretty good, Really Hot! so we were sleepy for most of the day!

Today's Breakfast was a bowl of cereal with some Silk and half a pear (I prepped the whole pear but M wanted half so I shared :))
Lunch was awesome! I had a tortilla filled with yesterday's stir fry and brown rice! sprinkled with the braggs and YUM!After Lunch was Core Synergenics....Great work out! Although I am not really able to more pushups than before I can tell my form is getting better so that is great! After my workout I had my Green Monster YUM!
I went up the block to see if I could get a hair cut, but they were closed...just my luck! I finally get some cash (they do not have debit/CC) and they are closed! I am going to try tomorrow at 930 and see if they can fit me in as I wanted a cut before going to the city!
Supper consisted of more stir fry (I made lots) and the last bit of brown rice and I browned a 1/3 brick of tofu and added a little bit of Asian 5 spice sauce...YUM!
Its currently 9:45 and I am kind of hungry, so I am going to look for a snack...I am thinking either same as last night or a bowl of cereal

Monday, May 17, 2010

Busiest weekend EVER!

I must say it is way more enjoyable to go to garage sales than to host one! Although we sold lots there is still lots to be sold so the next nice weekend we will be back at it! I was out in the sun for most of the weekend and in retrospect I see that when I spend a lot of time outside in the sun being busy with customers makes it so I am not hungry! As Saturday I barely ate at all! This cute puppy came to visit us at the garage sale! She was so cute!

It was nice to hang out with Mark and Cheryl, I even got to babysit for a few hours! and WOW I sure give kudos to parents! and I am sure it would be different if I had children of my own, but I get so stressed out watching them and Elisa is so busy into everything! but it was fun and Gabe was a huge help! I was so tired after the few hours I do not know how anyone can do it all day!!!

My Sister in law needs me to come out to the city with her on know what that means! YUP I was able to talk her into stopping at the Super Store so I can stock up on yogurt YUM! And I will be able to see M's cousin Stacy's new baby :) so that will be a long day I am sure! but I will prepack my meals (just in case)

This was Saturday's Breakfast, I love cereal, this is Muslix with some strawberries, although now that I am trying to eat clean, I will be looking for Flax Plus as the ingredients are much cleaner...and I can pronounce them all :) I also had a few pieces of puffed grain wafers (like rice cakes but thinner and not just rice) with a bit of peanut butter.

This gorgeous thing here was my sandwich...I must say it was amazing! I found some great pitas from Wal-Mart very clean and decently priced, Although weird that they are called pita's but they are not really a pocket...I just carefully cut them in half..then filled it with my fav sandwich stuff :)
I had some Tea in the afternoon, Peppermint green tea with a little sweetener :)

LOL This is Tux, he is on top on our shower reaching out for me LOL He is so full of character!
This was Saturday's Breakfast, Tofu scramble, I don't have this too often but is really yummy! My new frying pan is awesome for cooking tofu! added some mushrooms and salsa added a slice of bread and an orange
Saturday Lunch was a Green Monster then like I said I was so busy that I didn't eat until well after sun down! I know that is really bad but I wasn't hungry and it really didn't occur to me that it was so long since I ate!

So here we are at today, We need groceries so for breakfast I had a couple of pieces of toast and peanut butter and some mango and pear (didn't get a pic) I also well cant remember what I had for sad...but it was pretty busy today so I am not too hard on myself, just shows me that I need to take pics of everything...even though its a pain in the butt to upload them LOL

Here is what I had for supper, some brown rice and stir fry...It was fabulous! sprinkled a bit with a little bit of braggs
Later I had a snack (Shared with M) I had my 2 squares of chocolate along with some apple and peanut butter.

See you tomorrow :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back to basics

Ok, I haven't posted for a few days, even my last post was originally written the other day! Boo to me!

I did not take any pics of my eats today, I am still getting use to the idea. I did buy a couple of small bowls, I was finding the ginormous bowls that we have here hold too much and I am always tempted to fill it too much! So I prefer small pretty bowls/plates! Unfortunately these bowls are a bit boring, just white, but have a nice clean look :)

I went on a huge bike ride with my nephew yesterday, which could have possibly been the longest I have been on my bike since I bought it 5-6 years ago! I still have the rubber nubs on the tires! I am hoping to get out and bike this spring summer!

I also have been thinking about running...I am not sure what my hold up is...I am now reading my running book from the running room. I am thinking of training for the Vegas half! First I will start training for a 10K as I am still doing P90X and do not want to over train! I think this time I will miss the group running! but I really want to get out there! I really enjoyed it and I think it will help me clear my mind.

That being said, I have been going through a bit of an internal struggle as to what I want to do with my life. I know I really have to wait until we move to BC and get settled before really seeing whats out there, but I am starting to think that I might not want to go back to an office setting, at least not full time! Although I absolutely love bookkeeping! I am thinking that I might be able to book keep part time and do something that is at least a bit physically demanding...I have to think more about it!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Small Vaca...

Well I have been away for a few days, Not that I did anything spectacular or anything...Mostly did what I normally do, just didn't blog about it...Although I did learn one thing, which was that when I blog what I eat, I eat way more healthily and my portions are smaller (Normal) WOW it is easy to get carried away and over feed ourselves! I find this weird as I am not hungry when this happens...Maybe more bored or maybe I am missing something that I need nutritionally, Not really sure what it I suppose I will keep the over eating in check with a variety of foods and taking pics! I think the most logical would be slipping back into old habits...

I spent today cleaning up the house, which was nice! now its all clean and I can actually cook properly...funny how cleaning can get away from you and things just start stacking up!

I will spend a few hours today going through the bag of purses my mom let me have (she was going to give them to goodwill) I am going to add them to the garage sale we are having this weekend! Its going to be tiring but fun! I am hoping to have a hot dog roast at least on of the evenings! it should be warm enough!

M finally set up the Malibu so I can drive it (insurance and registration) so we are going out tonight for a drive...I need lots of practice! my test is in just over a month away! So I needs lots of practice on parking and in town I am pretty good on the highway :)

I am just starting Week 3 of P90X, today was core synergenics! very hard and sweated like crazy but I can tell its working! Although I have not lost any scale weight...still 157, but I feel stronger and the push ups are not as hard....STILL hard but not AS hard LOL

Here are a few pics of my eats over the last few days (the ones I did take pics of)
Saturday I made steamed baby Bok Choy, Green Beans, mushroom/pepper couscous and had some vegan spring rolls (got them from Super Store...I love that place!!)

Today I had yogurt, muslix and peanut butter for Breakfast. I was excellent! One of my favorites! I will be picking up some organic almond butter next grocery run though as I think that would be nice for a change!

Had a Monster shake, Although today's was more brownish, I think it was the blackberries :) YUM!

Lunch was left over split pea soup, and a large salad + a slice of bread, Very tasty and satisfying

Supper was going to be the Ragu I made yesterday with some whole wheat pasta (topped with nutritional yeast) But looks like M's sister has invited us over for dinner, So its up in the air, I may still have my ragu if what she prepared is Vegan or not....personally I hate the last minute invites...I really don't think its too much to ask for advanced notice! I had this yesterday night, My sister in law made a casserole with eggplant and was delicious! I am so going to make it myself soon!

I suppose this means I am not driving today either....BOO!

Friday, May 7, 2010

City, Stove and Tokyo Express

mmm What a long Day!! But it started out great!

Breakfast was pancakes...Blueberry with flax...YUM They were awesome! I had them with some fruit. I read on a blog (Clean eating mama) that she eats Kiwi with the skin on....That is one reason I don't usually eat them as they are so messy! so I started eating them with the skin on...and YUM! so I had a Kiwi, Mandarin and some pineapple.

Did my P90X Legs & Back It was great! I sweated lots and pushed legs were shaky! and did Ab Ripper! I cant wait for the abs to start showing up! haha

Lunch was awesome! I had my usual at Tokyo Express: Avocado maki and a veggie pickled salad (bean sprouts, shredded carrots, and cucumber slices)...I wanted to have some tempura but they only offer a huge plate of it and M's dish already came with some..Boo

Here is My Lunch:

Here is M's...I used to order this all the time, but now its too much food!

Then we went to my cousins house and picked up her stove....I am very excited! I have already cleaned it up and am just waiting for it to dry out! (its been sitting out side all winter) I cant wait to bake a vegan coffee cake! and roast veggies!

One the way home we stopped at a few places, first Le Senza...New Bra's!!!! YAY I had a gift certificate that I wanted to use up :) I bought 3 new bras...They are a tad tight, but the the one I have is a size larger is a tad too I figure that once I am done P90X they will fit great!

Then...Off to Super Store! I try to visit SS every time I go to the city, they have a vast selection of vegan and organic foods! What I was looking for was yogurt...YUM they had the kind I love! I also found some miso soup base....Bean chips....egg replacer....spelt flour and a few other items :)

Supper was pizza, although I didn't get a pic. The pizza here in this little town is quite impressive...Although today's was disappointing...they didn't put 2 of the toppings that are usually there! Boo to that! But it did taste good just the same...

Busy day tomorrow so I am signing off!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Visit with Mom

For breakfast I have ol faithful, bowl of cereal + Silk (Sorry again no pic) After going to the Bank for mom, she took Mike out for Breakfast, we went to Ricky's all day grill...which was a great change from BP's :) I had a side order of shredded hash browns and WW toast.

After shopping around we made our way back to Mom's house. Where..of course Dad was having computer problems so I spent a few hours trying to rid his comp of a virus! (will need to come back another day to continue that project!) Mom had a previous lunch date so M as usual went to the burger barn...I graciously passed and had a Amy's Burrito (bean and rice) and an apple that I brought from home (Mom's place isn't the most stocked of veggies/fruit!) Visited some more and got a huge bag of purses for the big garage sale next weekend!

Once we made our way home, since M had to go to his Mom's house I decided to get in my P90X Yoga....Although I was working it, I felt off today. Didn't really sweat but did the poses well (as well as I could :)) but wasn't really into it, I think it was because I did it so late in the afternoon...I prefer to do my exercising early in the day!

After Yoga I made a Green Monster (which was actually Green this time :)) then prepared Super, which was left overs...Some Split pea soup, a piece of pumpernickel and the rest of the steamed broccoli and cauliflower YUM!

I also picked up a few items from Leduc while shopping with Mom, I got some chocolate...YUM! As I had the last of my other kind, I took pic so you can see, the Ritter Sport is the creamiest dark chocolate that I have had yet! the Better Life the one with the Orange flavor is pretty great for a change up as well :)

I am excited for tomorrow, as I will be heading to the city! I will be picking up a stove from my cousin who is gracious enough to give me her old one. Just for a bit of a back story, M and I moved into M Dads house as we clear up his estate. the stove here only has one working burner and the oven part is ca put I am exited to be able to prepare food normally soon! it sucks to cook in installments...something always goes cold!

AND as we will be in the city we get Tokyo Express for Lunch YUM! Its what we always have, and its vegan (at least what I order!) I will take pics :)

Good Night for now!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Contemplating and my eats of the day

My Eats today Started out with a bowl of cereal...Which I love but forgot to get a pic...I will get one tomorrow (or next time I have a bowl)
Then I worked out Today was Shoulders and Arms + Ab Ripper I did really well and again see great improvement! I don't wear a heart rate monitor on the weight training so I don't know the calories burned, but I did work hard...I think I will blow up my exercise ball and add a few extra ab exercises. :)
When I finished, I made a Green Monster: Almond Milk, fruit juice, spinach, frozen strawberries and mango, fresh raspberries a tangerine and 2 tsp of flax seeds. I also had a bowl of the split pea soup, 1 pcs of pumpernickel bread with hummus, and more of the broccoslaw from yesterday.
For Dinner I had and awesome sandwich: 2 slices of pumpernickel topped with hummus, tomato, cucumber, avocado, alfalfa sprouts and mustard. with a side of steamed broccoli and cauliflower.
And my yummy 2 pcs of chocolate :) Although not my favoritest flavor the chocolate mint is a bit strong, Ritter Sport makes an awesome Dark chocolate + hazel nut, I will take pics and post tomorrow :)
Good Night!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Exercise & Snacking

Today was Cardio X, I burned 516 calories I didn't sweat as mush as yesterday's Core synergenics...I must say I love it when sweat runs down my face!

On a different note...I am not sure why I was really snacky tonight! I had way more than my share of some crackers....and a bowl of cereal....Now to finish watching south park and then to bed :)

Good Night!

Moving Day

Well I just moved from a different bloging site...not that the site was bad or anything I just think this one is more versitile. currently I am just blogging my daily exercise and meals but will get more creative as I go as although this is not my first blog, I want this one to be my first successful one LOL. I am going to start taking pictures of my food creations (at least the fun ones) as this will not only let everyone see what I am eating but it will also keep me accountable! Now to plug in the camera or at least find my cord..haha

I am on week 2 Day 2 of P90X and going strong! I am loving the way my body feels stronger and that I have improved over the last bit (I have restarted 3 times in the last 5 I can see lots of improvement since I actually first started)

I will post my "Before" Pics...Although they are scary...but its my base and really the whole reason for this journey. Its important to keep goals in focus. I lost a lot of weight about 2.5 years ago, and although once I stopped the "Diet" I was on I did gain back some weight, I have been my current weight for more than a year. Ultimately I want to loose the belly fat and tone up, maybe gain enough muscle to pin my hubby to the floor...but I think that is a bit of a pipe dream as he is 6'4" and pretty muscular...but maybe he will let me win :)

I went Vegan on Dec 2009, really just to see if I could...and now 5 months later I dont think I will ever go back. I feel the best I have ever felt! I am currently reading up on clean eating and adopting a lot of the eating habits of raw/clean eating. I think the best thing I enjoy more than anything is the lack of counting calories! I was never good at it and I hated sitting down to log all my food intake and then adding up what I was at. Now just choosing foods that are natural and healthy I can throw the counting out the window! I still weight myself (everyday) its more habit than anything else...and I like to know where I am in that department.

Well since I didnt start this until late today, I only have a picture of my Dinner, I had 2 small pices of pumpernickle bread...Not sure why they make/sell it in a round loaf! I wish they had it in a normal loaf of the slices are all same sized, LOL. 1 bowl of split pea soup..I got the recipe from a blog I have been reading (the clean eating mama) with 2 alterations, I added zuccini and I was a little short on split peas, I added an additional 1/2 C of rice, it turned out ok, a bit starchy, and I think its missing something so I am working on it :) I also made a Broccholi salad, I got this super easy recipe from the bag of broccoslaw I had! just steam the bag for 2 minutes then mix with canned tomatoes again short on the tomatoes, I used fresh mixed with about 1/4 C canned, YUM! the package states to top with parm cheese which I omit.