Wednesday, May 19, 2010

City Outing

Well Today was super hectic :) Cheryl, my sister in law, asked me to accompany her to her dress fitting so I can help her on her wedding day. We also heard the Cellist that will be playing her ceremony....AND saw M's cousin Stacie's new baby...Very Cute!

I was Up Sooo early, not sure why, I think I was just excited to go out today! So I had cereal and a mango for breakfast. Lunch well really I just grazed all day as we were in the car for most of the day.....I had 2 apples and a bag of dried fruit and nuts (apricots/banana/cashews/soy nuts)

For Super, I had a pita topped with left over stir fry....It turned out OK, but not my fav...I think it would more enjoyable if the veggies were hot and crispy :)

Its 10PM now, and I am thinking that I will be going to bed early, well earlier than usual...Have a great night!

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