Sunday, May 30, 2010

Falling off the wagon...

Well, I know I haven't posted in a bit! Not too much has been happening...

Although yesterday was eventful :) We went into the city! YAY Mike and I met at Smilie's (Chinese smorg) for lunch with my grandparents and any family members that wanted to stop by...The purpose (not just to hang with the fam) was to met up with grandpa's brother, Al and his wife Monique...Although I remember them from a few years ago (they came to the reunion) I don't really remember chatting it up with this time I got a chance to chat! WOW what great people! Although the McKerracher clan are a fun bunch we are pretty great in our own way! I really enjoyed chatting with Michelle as well...

You might be wondering what I had for lunch...Well the smorg did seem tempting! but I know everything is cooked with way too much oil! and has the possibility to be steamed with chicken broth, so before I got seated, I asked the host to bring me a plate of plain steamed veggies...they were very yummy!and I was very satisfied!

After our goodbyes M I made our way to the Big Mall....I know that a lot of people that live in Edmonton Hate WEM....But really I love it! I never tire of walking around and going into shops looking for treasures! Mike just dropped me off as he needed to get a part for his bike, Although it is bitter sweet to shop alone....One one hand I can go where ever I want and spend as much time as I want...It is fun to shop with others as well!

My Mall mission was to look for some summer shoes (nice strappy sandals with a little lift) I really like wedge shoes so I was liking for a nice black strappy number. To my disappointment I could not find any that were under 4 inch heals! now I am a short chick, but I also want healthy ankles I think anything over 3 inches is too much! then close tot he last store I found a great looking shoe that is until I turned it over...95.00!! I pay that for my running they have a job to do and I need to protect my feet and such...but for just a pair of shoes that I am going to hang out in....So needless to say I am still on the hunt!

Surprisingly enough I didn't purchase anything at the Mall.....This time! LOL When it was closing in on the time for Supper we made our way to Bourbon Street, where we met up with Mike's sister and her fiance, George. We were celebrating Georges Birthday at Earls for Supper then to the Comic strip for entertainment....Earls was awesome! I wasn't sure what to get as usually in restaurants like this are not too accommodating...but my server made some great suggestions, Steamed asparagus, mushrooms and coconut jasmine rice....All tasted great, definitely will try to make this at home!

The comic strip was great, nothing like a little comic relief, all 3 comics were funny so that was a plus! I have been to shows that the comic totally bombs! very awkward!

after This Cheryl and George made their way to 'Yodies which is a bar in Leduc...they asked if we wanted to come too, but both M and I think we are entirely too old for the bar scene LOL so we opted to go home, Mike was not feeling too well anyway.

This brings me to today, Today I woke up a bit late. I had some Oats for breakfast topped with coconut, walnuts, cinnamon, a splash of Silk and some Maple syrup...YUM! with a Mango. Very filling!

For lunch I whipped up some left overs...Some left over pasta and sauce mixed with roasted veggies and spinach, topped with some black olives...Very YUM! I still have left over past so I will make something similar for tonight's dinner :)

I know there are no pictures...I am trying to make it a habit....I am working on it

I have been toying with the idea of training for another half its six months away...The Vegas half. I think it would be great fun. But I am worried as I would be training alone this time....Its scary training by yourself....and boring. I am hoping to make out a schedule that is doable and keeps me focused.

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