Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today's Eats and happenins

Well Today was pretty good, Really Hot! so we were sleepy for most of the day!

Today's Breakfast was a bowl of cereal with some Silk and half a pear (I prepped the whole pear but M wanted half so I shared :))
Lunch was awesome! I had a tortilla filled with yesterday's stir fry and brown rice! sprinkled with the braggs and YUM!After Lunch was Core Synergenics....Great work out! Although I am not really able to more pushups than before I can tell my form is getting better so that is great! After my workout I had my Green Monster YUM!
I went up the block to see if I could get a hair cut, but they were closed...just my luck! I finally get some cash (they do not have debit/CC) and they are closed! I am going to try tomorrow at 930 and see if they can fit me in as I wanted a cut before going to the city!
Supper consisted of more stir fry (I made lots) and the last bit of brown rice and I browned a 1/3 brick of tofu and added a little bit of Asian 5 spice sauce...YUM!
Its currently 9:45 and I am kind of hungry, so I am going to look for a snack...I am thinking either same as last night or a bowl of cereal

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