Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog Focus

Well...What can I say I sure do fall short an keeping up with my blogging!!!

But I yet again have new focus and think this time it will stick! at least for the next 90 days or so! I am currently researching and planning my meals for the next 90 days in preparation of starting and completing the P90X lean program.

I have been having a real difficult problem finding others who are vegan, did or are doing the program AND posted their meal plans...I found lots of people who did the program, but they all brushed over what they ate and when. Its very frustrating for those who don't really have the time to sit and research or have the funds to join the website and have someone else make the plan for you.

So I will post mine :) I am rereading the nutritional booklet, and will make out a meal plan following the suggested nutritional plan as closely as possible (I know I will be over in my carbs as most vegan proteins are also carbs) but I will give it my best effort and let you know how it works out!

I am planning to start Nov 8 so I have about 2 weeks to figure things out then its start time and Oh am I ready to Bring IT!!!

I have yet to measure myself, but I have decided to start as a Level I even though my calculations say I am level II, I just think it is too much for me and with not following the plan exactly I will be bringing additional calories in. I really think this will work...and hey if it doesn't I have the power to change it :)

I am hoping to get the fit test done on the Saturday or Sunday before, so I will be completely prepared!

Along with my meal plan I will also take pics :) Although I do wish that blogger had a better add picture function...

For the most part this segment of my Blog is for the people who like me have been having a terrible time looking for a vegan meal plan for P90X...So I am back to researching and will be here for Nov 8 :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October is Here!

Well....Its been about a month of living in the trailer full time...The census is pretty much the same, We love BC and hopefully will work towards becoming residents :) Its so beautiful and although it sounds weird, it feels like home! That being said, I really do not like the trailer...There are multiple reasons that I wont get into...but for the most part I do not feel like this is home and I feel depressed like its sucking the life out of me...Its too small...I feel like there is not enough room for me to live. So again that being said, I am not sure how long we will be staying here, we didn't sign a contract, so we are just on a monthly basis. So its pretty much up to M...Once he is ready to go, we are going to am apartment :)

I have yet again been lacking in picture taking...Its weird I get all psyched up to take the pics and stuff...then I end up forgetting then I kind of think to myself maybe the reason I forget is that I am just not a blogger and maybe I should stop...But then I got a comment from an old friend that she is reading...**Here's to Jo** and it gives me new drive! Taking pics of my food also gets me more creative about what I eat and more thoughtful about what I am eating...not like today where I pretty much had PB sandwich for B L and S....Boo to poor choices!

I did P90X yoga the other day...WOW not very much room in here for that but I made it work!...I am going to make this at least a twice a week event! I felt awesome afterward! I am also continuing the weekly group run which I really love. The group is small so far, but we are getting some new people every week!

I have sent my resume out to a few different places, I am hoping for a call either later this week or early next week...I have been researching the school options as well and was happy to see that there is a community college that offers a bookkeeping course. Once I am settled at my job I will definitely signing up! In Edmonton the only credentials I could get that I could find were my accounting designation which I was never interested in...I love bookkeeping and want to pursue that! I hope to take some tax prep classes too if I can find some that are offered...then I can explore opening my own business! YAY!

M has been researching a bunch of positive self motivation audios so we have been listening to the audios which are fun and very motivating! So we will see where that takes us! :)

Well Here are a few pics that I took on our trip! The ferry ride was awesome!

Here is Sept 24's super....Yup I resurrected Pizza Friday! YAY! This was awesome! I had some canned artichoke hearts and roasted peppers along with a bunch of other veggies! I also tried some vegan gourmet cheese...Not too impressed...I think I will not purchase that kind again, but will still try others!

Here is the salad I had after the yoga session...It was awesome! I love throwing a bunch of veggies on a bowl topping it off with some nuts and seeds and chowing down! YUMMERS!
Here a pigeon was having some dinner...if you look close, you will see that he was eating a star fish...Don't ask how he got the first 3 arms in...but man he had a hard time fitting in the last 2 LOL

This is what I saw on my way home on the ferry...It was beautiful. I love taking the ferry! the fresh air was awesome! On our last day on the island we walked on a trail around Nanaimo it was great and also saw some people crabbing...It looked fun! I have not yet decided if I will still fish or not. I will just take it one day at a time!