Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Moving Day

Well I just moved from a different bloging site...not that the site was bad or anything I just think this one is more versitile. currently I am just blogging my daily exercise and meals but will get more creative as I go as although this is not my first blog, I want this one to be my first successful one LOL. I am going to start taking pictures of my food creations (at least the fun ones) as this will not only let everyone see what I am eating but it will also keep me accountable! Now to plug in the camera or at least find my cord..haha

I am on week 2 Day 2 of P90X and going strong! I am loving the way my body feels stronger and that I have improved over the last bit (I have restarted 3 times in the last 5 I can see lots of improvement since I actually first started)

I will post my "Before" Pics...Although they are scary...but its my base and really the whole reason for this journey. Its important to keep goals in focus. I lost a lot of weight about 2.5 years ago, and although once I stopped the "Diet" I was on I did gain back some weight, I have been my current weight for more than a year. Ultimately I want to loose the belly fat and tone up, maybe gain enough muscle to pin my hubby to the floor...but I think that is a bit of a pipe dream as he is 6'4" and pretty muscular...but maybe he will let me win :)

I went Vegan on Dec 2009, really just to see if I could...and now 5 months later I dont think I will ever go back. I feel the best I have ever felt! I am currently reading up on clean eating and adopting a lot of the eating habits of raw/clean eating. I think the best thing I enjoy more than anything is the lack of counting calories! I was never good at it and I hated sitting down to log all my food intake and then adding up what I was at. Now just choosing foods that are natural and healthy I can throw the counting out the window! I still weight myself (everyday) its more habit than anything else...and I like to know where I am in that department.

Well since I didnt start this until late today, I only have a picture of my Dinner, I had 2 small pices of pumpernickle bread...Not sure why they make/sell it in a round loaf! I wish they had it in a normal loaf of the slices are all same sized, LOL. 1 bowl of split pea soup..I got the recipe from a blog I have been reading (the clean eating mama) with 2 alterations, I added zuccini and I was a little short on split peas, I added an additional 1/2 C of rice, it turned out ok, a bit starchy, and I think its missing something so I am working on it :) I also made a Broccholi salad, I got this super easy recipe from the bag of broccoslaw I had! just steam the bag for 2 minutes then mix with canned tomatoes again short on the tomatoes, I used fresh mixed with about 1/4 C canned, YUM! the package states to top with parm cheese which I omit.


  1. Well...Obviously I need to work on how to put my pics in the appropriate places :)

  2. LOL...And I just noticed that the pic was upside down! I have so much to learn!