Thursday, May 6, 2010

Visit with Mom

For breakfast I have ol faithful, bowl of cereal + Silk (Sorry again no pic) After going to the Bank for mom, she took Mike out for Breakfast, we went to Ricky's all day grill...which was a great change from BP's :) I had a side order of shredded hash browns and WW toast.

After shopping around we made our way back to Mom's house. Where..of course Dad was having computer problems so I spent a few hours trying to rid his comp of a virus! (will need to come back another day to continue that project!) Mom had a previous lunch date so M as usual went to the burger barn...I graciously passed and had a Amy's Burrito (bean and rice) and an apple that I brought from home (Mom's place isn't the most stocked of veggies/fruit!) Visited some more and got a huge bag of purses for the big garage sale next weekend!

Once we made our way home, since M had to go to his Mom's house I decided to get in my P90X Yoga....Although I was working it, I felt off today. Didn't really sweat but did the poses well (as well as I could :)) but wasn't really into it, I think it was because I did it so late in the afternoon...I prefer to do my exercising early in the day!

After Yoga I made a Green Monster (which was actually Green this time :)) then prepared Super, which was left overs...Some Split pea soup, a piece of pumpernickel and the rest of the steamed broccoli and cauliflower YUM!

I also picked up a few items from Leduc while shopping with Mom, I got some chocolate...YUM! As I had the last of my other kind, I took pic so you can see, the Ritter Sport is the creamiest dark chocolate that I have had yet! the Better Life the one with the Orange flavor is pretty great for a change up as well :)

I am excited for tomorrow, as I will be heading to the city! I will be picking up a stove from my cousin who is gracious enough to give me her old one. Just for a bit of a back story, M and I moved into M Dads house as we clear up his estate. the stove here only has one working burner and the oven part is ca put I am exited to be able to prepare food normally soon! it sucks to cook in installments...something always goes cold!

AND as we will be in the city we get Tokyo Express for Lunch YUM! Its what we always have, and its vegan (at least what I order!) I will take pics :)

Good Night for now!

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