Monday, May 17, 2010

Busiest weekend EVER!

I must say it is way more enjoyable to go to garage sales than to host one! Although we sold lots there is still lots to be sold so the next nice weekend we will be back at it! I was out in the sun for most of the weekend and in retrospect I see that when I spend a lot of time outside in the sun being busy with customers makes it so I am not hungry! As Saturday I barely ate at all! This cute puppy came to visit us at the garage sale! She was so cute!

It was nice to hang out with Mark and Cheryl, I even got to babysit for a few hours! and WOW I sure give kudos to parents! and I am sure it would be different if I had children of my own, but I get so stressed out watching them and Elisa is so busy into everything! but it was fun and Gabe was a huge help! I was so tired after the few hours I do not know how anyone can do it all day!!!

My Sister in law needs me to come out to the city with her on know what that means! YUP I was able to talk her into stopping at the Super Store so I can stock up on yogurt YUM! And I will be able to see M's cousin Stacy's new baby :) so that will be a long day I am sure! but I will prepack my meals (just in case)

This was Saturday's Breakfast, I love cereal, this is Muslix with some strawberries, although now that I am trying to eat clean, I will be looking for Flax Plus as the ingredients are much cleaner...and I can pronounce them all :) I also had a few pieces of puffed grain wafers (like rice cakes but thinner and not just rice) with a bit of peanut butter.

This gorgeous thing here was my sandwich...I must say it was amazing! I found some great pitas from Wal-Mart very clean and decently priced, Although weird that they are called pita's but they are not really a pocket...I just carefully cut them in half..then filled it with my fav sandwich stuff :)
I had some Tea in the afternoon, Peppermint green tea with a little sweetener :)

LOL This is Tux, he is on top on our shower reaching out for me LOL He is so full of character!
This was Saturday's Breakfast, Tofu scramble, I don't have this too often but is really yummy! My new frying pan is awesome for cooking tofu! added some mushrooms and salsa added a slice of bread and an orange
Saturday Lunch was a Green Monster then like I said I was so busy that I didn't eat until well after sun down! I know that is really bad but I wasn't hungry and it really didn't occur to me that it was so long since I ate!

So here we are at today, We need groceries so for breakfast I had a couple of pieces of toast and peanut butter and some mango and pear (didn't get a pic) I also well cant remember what I had for sad...but it was pretty busy today so I am not too hard on myself, just shows me that I need to take pics of everything...even though its a pain in the butt to upload them LOL

Here is what I had for supper, some brown rice and stir fry...It was fabulous! sprinkled a bit with a little bit of braggs
Later I had a snack (Shared with M) I had my 2 squares of chocolate along with some apple and peanut butter.

See you tomorrow :)

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