Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wow Tomorrow is coming up fast

Well Tomorrow I am starting P90X Vegan Style...I am loosely following the nutritional program, but as I came to realize the calculations just are not going to work as My proteins are high in carbs...But I will be limiting carbs like bread.

This weeks Exercise schedule is as follows:

Monday = Core Synergistics
Tuesday = Cardio X
Wednesday = Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper
Thursday = Yoga X
Friday = Legs and Back, Ab Ripper
Saturday = Kenpo X
Sunday X Stretch

Spend the whole day cleaning up and preping the living room for tomorrows launch! Also with M's help I am now able to show my P90X through my laptop on my TV YAY for big screen!

On a side note I am picking up my very first car tomorrow! EEEEEEK exciting!!!


  1. love you babe! You are great and will do wonderfull as always! YOU GO GIRL

  2. Thanks! Today felt pretty good...Hard to get out of the cozy bed but once up and ready I did my best and I am feeling it!