Friday, November 19, 2010

W1 D5

WOW what a day....As you can see it is late! and considering the lack of sleep I got last night I am surprised I am functional!
Anywhoo...I was up this morning and rearing to go...and if I say so myself I rocked Legs and Back today! I sure brought it! I think today I sweated more than any other day yet! On the downside I did not rock Ab ripper...I was good up until the Crossed leg/Wide Leg Sit-Up about half way through I started to get a stabbing pain just above my left hip bone, I pushed through to the fifer scissors, but the pain was still there, so I closed up shop and called it a day...My philosophy is that I would rather rest and avoid injury then push too hard and get injured! I am looking to forward Kenpo X...I will keep you posted on the discomfort!

Recovery Drink/protein Bar: Still rocking the Silk and Cliff bars :)

Breakfast was quick oats, topped with walnuts/ cranberries/ 1/2 banana/ pumpkin seeds/ flax seeds. There is also an orange in the pic, but once I was done my oatmeal I had to get ready for the big interview!

Lunch was super late, and I was Very hungry!! I had left over couscous, and 2 bean burger patties topped with banana peppers and avocado...Also had some raw veggies (mm is that my Orange I didn't get to this morning...)

Supper was late (due to lunch being late) Had a Portabella mushroom, and a sweet potato topped with some vegan becel with a side of cucumber :)

And I also finally ate that Orange...It was good, but lots of seeds!

OOOO and lets not forget that I did in fact get the job!!! YAY ME! So I will be reevaluating my menu as I will need to choose good portable foods for lunches and snacks..Also find some quick breakfasts!

Peace out

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