Wednesday, November 17, 2010

W1 D3

WOW What a busy day! Woke up early and pumped out the Shoulders and Arms! Which went very well! I feel I did awesome! Than came Ab Ripper....I did all the work out and all the reps...but instead of the 15 minutes its suppose to take....I actually took more like 45! LOL and MAN it was hard! I have a feeling that I may have trouble getting out of bed tomorrow! But I am feeling awesome! YAY

Recovery/Protein bar still same...1 C of the Silk Almond dark chocolate milk...I must say This stuff is absolutely delicious! the thought of getting some after Ab Ripper got me through the video! LOL (no pic)

Breakfast was yup a Green Monster again (which is what I call my shakes) a little different...everything same except: back to 1/2 C berries and I through in 1/2 apple...Tasted pretty good! although still earthy...I suspect its the hemp protein as this is the first time using it, its not bad so I will keep using it as its great source of protein! (no pic)

Lunch was a bit on the late side as I had an interview, so I had 2 bean burgers topped with hot peppers and avocado, some pickles and tomato slices...along with red pepper soup...YUM!

As it is Wednesday, went for a Run! I was actually tired and didn't really feel like going...But I did and as usual I enjoyed! I love this group! AND did better than yesterday! YAY I am trying to push myself a bit to up my pace and just burn more calories...Still working on the tire!!

I made a new recipe tonight...Mushroom Stroganoff. At first I was a bit sceptical as well its a bit different...LOL but WOW it turned out great! I will post the recipe, Although note that instead of the 2 Cups of broccoli I just used up some frozen veggies, I also subbed the WW pasta for WW rice noodles...I also couldn't find any temph...went to 4 different stores!! I will eventually try the Choices mall, and I am sure I will be astounded! So instead I bought some tofurky slices, so for tonight I put some mustard on it and rolled it the end it was tasty! and so was the stroganoff...
Again as I am eating late, I am skipping snack...

Looking forward to Yoga X tomorrow! I loves Yoga X!

Peace out

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