Saturday, November 20, 2010

W1 D6

Well...Rolled out of bed at 11:45am...I know I haven't slept in that much in a long time!! but obviously I needed the sleep! Once out of bed and moving I started Kenpo X WOW I am loving it! I am not sure about you, but I love it when I sweat buckets! and this video sure gets the sweat on!

After I had the usual Chocolate Almond silk recovery/1/2 Cliff builder bar

Well...I am trying to think about what I had for breakfast...and I think I was thrown off a bit from getting up so late as I don't think I had B-fast...No wonder I was so hungry at the Mall!!!

And therefore while I was at the mall I did stop and get some avocado rolls...I must say...WOW these were awesome! When I would order these from TE they would mostly be rice with a wee bit of avocado...BUT these ones were packed full of avocado and the rice was not too much! Which made these an awesome snack!

When I came home M was already started on my supper YAY what a great guy! I had green beans, Potatoes, cucumber, and sauteed tofu and mushrooms...YUM Very tasty! LOL I just noticed that I was so hungry that I ate the cucumber before I took the pic...

I worked on Next weeks Meal plan, which I have decided not to post it as it makes me feel obligated to follow it to a T...when I know things come up and sometimes I just don't feel like cooking what is on the schedule, so I will just continue to post pics and descriptions :)

Looking forward to tomorrows X Stretch and cleaning up the house! As I have company coming :) I am also going to make up some more of those Bean Burgers...but this time I am doubling the recipe (so I can make the burgers bigger :)) and using canned mixed beans instead of black beans! YAY for variety!

OOO I also got a recipe for Vegan Blueberry muffins from my sister in law, so I am thinking I will try them out as they would be great to bring to work for a snack!

Peace out

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  1. you may have to start a restaurant. Jo