Tuesday, November 23, 2010

W2 D1

Hello Everyone!!!

Sorry I kind of flaked yesterday...I was sooo tired that I just kinda had super and went to bed. My new job is really great, although I am sure it will get more challenging as I progress... as my responsibilities will increase...

My meals lately have been kinda lacking so to speak...No to say its not good, just not very creative.

Yesterday...I was late for my first day..*Sigh So really all I had for B-fast was the 1/2 protein bar and chocolate Almond milk.

Lunch was 2 Bean Burgers, raw veggies and some olives :) **Note I did not eat all my veggies and I had a chocolate soy bev. :)

Supper was: Yup More Bean burger on a flat bun, with a side of green beans and 4 perogies...YUM! Potato and onion! and I also had a couple of olives :)

I rocked Core Synergetics, Although I am still feeling pain in my left side, just above my hip bone...I just modified the exercises that caused the pain and continued on :)

Today, I kinda dragged a bit...But I At least rocked Cardio X...and only time the pain showed was during the Banana/superman part :)

Breakfast was a couple of blueberry muffins that I whipped up from a recipe form my Sister in law! YAY

Lunch was a sammy starting with a flat bun...then 3 thin slices of tofurky, sprouts, mashed avocado and hummus. On the side I had some raw veggies and 1/2 a pomello and a few table spoons of pomegranate seeds...**Note that I didn't finish all my veggies + fruit and I also had a Chocolate Soy Milk

Supper tonight was some crumbled Bean Burger (as these ones did not stick together too well...I think I needed to mash the beans better, so next time I will use the food processor) topped with Hot peppers and mustard, I also had 1/2 sweet potato and the rest of my lunch :) OOO I also had some pickles...I loves the sweet mix!!! but they Never put in enough cauliflower/onion! One day I will make my own!

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