Thursday, November 18, 2010

W1 D4

Hello Everyone!

Not too much happening today, At least I was aiming to sleep in a bit, but ending up getting up early anyway. So I pumped out the 90 mins of Yoga X!!! I love this yoga although there are around 4 or 5 moves that I cant do well...but I give it my all and know that I will get better! My fav is yoga belly....I actually like these exercises better than Ab Ripper! I Feel the Burn! YAY

I know it may be repetitious, but I find that easier the better, so I had the same recovery/ 1/2 protein bar directly after my workout.

Breakfast was also the same...Although I used my little magic bullet blender instead of the big one...Happy to inform that the little one does a great job and will be using it from now on :)

I did not follow the meal plan for lunch today, which I am ok with as it is only a guideline. I have leftovers from last night so more mushroom stroganoff :) YUM! today I topped it with fresh tomato and a wee bit of avocado.

Supper was pretty great too! AND I finally ate at a good supper time! (5:30) I prepared couscous and topped it with sauteed mushrooms and onions, Along with some raw veggies: Carrots, tomatoes and the white stuff is Kohlrabi...YUM! I also had the rest of the tofurkey, these easy little roll ups just have some mustard in them.

I see the kohlrabi is a bit washed out...I will try to remember to take the pics in the kitchen where the lighting is better :)

Since I had dinner early I also had a snack around 8, trail mix which was made up of some almonds, goji berries, raisins, pumpkin seeds and craisons YUM!

I am pretty tired and am looking to go to bed early tonight, as I am up early tomorrow for Legs and back! Then off to my interview...If you can spare flow some positive energy my way around 11am :) The job looks very promising!!

Peace out!

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