Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Today was super busy! We picked up our new little car....SOOOOOO much better on fuel than the F250!!!

Woke up at 8...Ok well I woke at 8ish but didn't roll out of bed until quarter to 9, Still stiff and sore from Mondays Core! Today was Cardio X...and I thought it would be gruelling since I was still sore, but actually it was nice, once I was moving I didn't even feel my soreness! YAY!

Today's Meals are close to the plan, After Cardio X I had my recovery drink of the Silk Chocolate Almond Milk and the other half of yesterdays protein bar...No Pic as I though it would be redundant.

Breakfast I stuck to plan and had my shake, I added the extra 1/2 C of berries and the taste was a lot better! But still a bit off...I think tomorrow I will add a half apple and see how it works, again I am not taking pics of meals that are duplicates...just gets redundant to look at the same cup of green drink LOL

Lunch was Left overs..I was really hungry as we spent a lot more time at the dealership than I expected, so along with my bean burger (that was topped with hot peppers and avocado) I had 3 slices of tomato and 1/2 rice, and some red pepper soup

Supper is a quick stir fry, fried up some tofu (3oz) in EVOO and added some frozen veggies and spinach, and finished up the rest of my rice...I know lots of rice today, But I also ran 5.5 K so I feel that I could use the extra oomf :)

No snack today either as I am eating supper so late...

Well as Day 2 comes to an end, I am feeling fantastic, and Although I thought that the run today might be too much, again I didn't feel any soreness...Although I do now that I am not moving as much...

Peace out!

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  1. OMG I just ate and you made me hungry again. Jo