Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Meetup

Last night was my first meetup with a beginner running group, I found this group using it was super fun and WOW the hills on this trail were killer! I felt so awesome after the run I am looking forward to next week as it looks like they meet every wednesday which I hope to be able to continue to do when I get a job!

It makes me sad a bit for not continuing my efforts after the half in '09 but I know that I can achieve that level again and will work towards maybe the Vancouver half in '11 :)

Something else also struck me on my way home from running, and I have been pondering it since. It bothers me how my anxiety in the vehicle controls me. I know that I schedule my life around it and it inhibits my personal growth. I know M likes that I depend on him but I depend on him for other things too and it would be nice to get this behind me!

I have looked on line for some insight and have come across EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) I am going to look into this further as it looks like it could be promising! It would be nice to be able to jump in the truck and drive myself to the running group or to the mall or be able to look for work outside the bus routes! I will keep you posted on my research :)

Other than that It has been pretty quiet...I think tomorrow we are going to go to a movie :)

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