Wednesday, September 22, 2010

White Rock

WOW Yesterday was Awesome! M took me for a drive down to White Rock where there is a pier and of course the Ocean! It was so beautiful...and my pic does not do it justice! I can definitely see that we will be taking a lot of day trips there! It took a bit to find parking for our beast of a truck LOL but we did and although we only spent 2 hours walking the pier and dock, it seemed like we were there the whole day. The dock was very romantic and you can almost feel that many people have been proposed to on that dock! especially in the evening as it looked like it was rigged to be lit up!

While there we saw some people fishing and crabbing! I have never seen anyone crabbing before! We also noticed that there were lots of purple star fish in the reefs be the dock, I have never seen a purple star fish before!

On our way back we walk closer to the shops along the pier, There were lots of great restaurants that I am sure M will be enjoying some fresh clam chowder soon enough! But we avoided the temptation and stuck to the menu plan :) I was such a great day!! I cant wait to go back!

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