Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept 20

Well Today was pretty uneventful...Slept in, thought that I might have ruined my chances at starting my weekly menu idea, but I still got it all done, but know that once I start working there will be some changes and I will return to Sunday "prep" day!

I did get some great news though, while scrolling through FB I noticed that a friend of mine finally created a page! I was so exceited to re connect with her as she is an awesome person and I have missed her! so YAY to that! I hope that we will keep in touch as it will be great to see her when I go back to Edmonton for the family reunion!

M hung out with a friend for most of the day so I kinda just bumbled about and cleaned up a bit. Tomorrow should be fun as M is taking me to White Rock, I have never been this far south and I think we will be able to see the Ocean! We are also going to start working on some plans to take a trip to the island in the next couple of weekends, I think it will be great fun! and I am hoping to be able to visit with my cousin and step daughter! and get in some sight seeing as well! I will keep you posted! I will also take some pics tomorrow of White Rock,

Until Then Ciao

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