Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wedding, Birthday and Farm

Well it has been a whirl wind week!
Saturday we woke up early and got ready for our friends wedding. I had my fav breakfast:

YUM! Oatmeal, coconut, walnuts, banana and a splash of Silk. love it!

The ceremony was really nice and almost exactly under 45 minutes! which is nice not too short and not too long! Her dress was absolutely gorgeous! LOL After the ceremony we took a drive and got me a I was pretty hungry! Got my usual falafle YAY

We made our way to the cafe where the reception was held, very quaint and cosy! And very beautiful! They had to alter the vegetarian option for me, but it was pretty good, pasta tossed with olive oil (so it was a bit oily) the salad was awesome!

This is what M had...tenderloin wrapped in bacon, roasted veggies and potatoes

Here is a pic of the cake...It looked super yum! but was made with cream...but still looked quite YUM!
and I am so happy for them! and hope they are having a great time on the Riviera :)

We stayed at the Matrix hotel so that M could have a few drinks. The room was great and would recommend anyone staying in Edmonton to stay were very modern.

Next day we woke up a bit early as I wanted to see what the continental breakfast was about...and WOW Best continental Bfast I have ever had! again if you are in Edmonton definitely stay there! We made our way to Jenna's parents house for brunch (more like lunch for us) for the gift opening and to say our goodbyes before they left.

Monday I was up early so I could clean up the car and take it out for a spin before my test....YIIKKKERS! I was soooo nervous and made a couple of mistakes, but totally rocked my parallel park I was so proud of myself! YAY So now I am waiting for my licence in the mail :)

Tuesday we went out to the farm to help pick the weeds and M helped put up a fence...Man picking weeds is hard work!

I went back Wednesday and finished another row :) Funny I am not much of a bug person but I find weeding nice and relaxing! It has been super warm out and I get to sit in the field and listen to the birds....Its nice :)

Around 6 I cleaned up and went to meet my parents for dinner @ Ricky's....I was excited as they offer a veggie burger I kind of had been dreaming of the one from Montana's...I was sadly disappointed! it was just a frozen veggie burger...BOOO but the best happened after dinner...a Huge storm rolled in so I saw an awesome light show then went to the movies and saw A-Team...which was a great movie.

OOO and B-day loot, I don't really need anything...but Mom and Dad and my Bro Jay pitched in and got me a Red Apron and a new vegan cook book....Veganomigon....I have been eyeing this book for a few weeks now so...YAY! Cheryl my SIL got me some super soft and warm indoor slippers...

Today I was back out weeding....WOW weeding sure makes me dirty! So its off the to shower...Will Chat with you soon :)

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