Friday, June 18, 2010

Gearing Up for the weekend

WOW what a busy weekend we have ahead of us! I will have my camera with me so I will snap a few pics along my way! Today I will be making a trip out to Mom and Dad's, M needs to pick up some dress shoes for the wedding tomorrow...and I will get in some drive time..Road test is on Monday!! EEK Although I feel pretty confident I don't test well and get very nervous!

Tomorrow we will be waking up super early to get read for the wedding, I am excited as I love weddings! and we are staying at a hotel which will be fun! this way M can have a drink of two to celebrate instead of being the DD YAY!

Sunday we will hang in the city a bit, then pick up a few groceries...not many though as we need to eat up the freezer/pantry foods that have accumulated over the months..this should lessen the grocery bill a bit! I hope to get a bit more drive time in and I think we are meeting my parents on Leduc for Fathers day dinner.

Then Monday is of course my road test and hopefully a celebratory dinner! :) sending out the good positive vibes!

So I probably wont be blogging until Monday and will decide if I will go separate posts for the different days or all on one...depending on how many pics I have :)

So far today I have had breaky...delic Oatmeal, with my usual coconut, walnuts, banana and a splash of almond milk...YUM!

Have an awesome weekend everyone! I will be sure to post a pic of me in my dress :)

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  1. Have so much fun! Take lots o pictures for us and enjoy the driving.