Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well today I got my monthly...Blah! Worse yet its a week early! Although I hate to complain as I know that I have it easier than others!

But for some reason...especially when its early I feel so crappy and tired I just want to sleep...and on top of that I literally want to eat everything I can get my hands on, I feel very out of control....especially if it is quick and easy and no prep as I just don't have the energy to actually cook...

This feeling last for 1 full day...I know your saying really...REALLY only one day! This out of control eating and tiredness ends up making me feel crappy about my eating choices so now I am crampy, tired, hungry AND sad that I made poor choices!

Thankfully I bounce back the next day and continue to make my healthy choices..

I have brought this up to my doctor, and I am now using a herb supplement chasteberry. I changed brand though (where I am now my reg brand in unavail) so it will be a month or two to get use to this one.

3rd edit...funny at how after I post, I think of more to add! But not only do I have the above feeling but I am also an emotional wreck! I cry and am moody...Its a wonder that M doesnt move out for the few days I am like this...I sure hope next month is better...If not I am going back on the other suppliments!

I also mention that Guys might be interested as M also goes though what we call "Grey Days" Where he needs his space and is grumpy and pretty much PMSy....I try to give him his space even though when I am this way he figures this is prime time to pick and push my buttons! but that is a whole other story...

On the Plus though I got an E-mail from Jenna @ petitfoodie with awesome news! I entered a contest and Won! and what did I win! I won some peas and lentils! which M thought I was weird because I was excited about it! I cant wait for them to arrive so I can make and post about what I make...YAY for winning!

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