Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Eats, Running and Driving

Was very busy girl today!

First I woke up at 5am! and couldn't sleep any longer! so I got up and took my meds (for hypothyroidism) and lied back down for a few minutes to cuddle with M. MMMM Cuddles!

After about 20 minutes of making sure I couldn't sleep any longer I talked myself into going for a run after breakfast...

Breakfast was Oatmeal...Seems like I cant get enough of it! I had it topped with 1/2 Banana, coconut, cinnamon and walnuts...This is by far my favorite breakie!

I waited about an hour before getting ready for my run...wanting to be sure that my meal was digested enough to give me energy and that I went to the bathroom lots :)

The run was fabulous! Next time M is awake when I run I will get him to take a pic of me in my gear! Although the weather was dreary it was prefect for a run, not too cold but not too hot! I did almost the same run as last week, but also went on the trails as I wanted to get in at least over 5K. The Air was nice and crisp and I found my love for the sport again..YAY Garmin showed distance as exactly 6 K....Super YAY

Once I returned I changed and had a protein bar (homemade, I am currently looking into a new recipe, I may try one from the Thrive Diet book)

After about an hour and half I started Core Synergenitcs WOW sweated lots! and actually felt a lot of my core actually working...Hopefully this will reduce my tire :)

After today's installment of P90X I made a green monster....which was less than stellar...I don't think I will be adding watermelon again! It was Ok but not great!

Lunch was homemade hummus (from the E2 Diet website, but I added roasted red peppers) on a wrap with avocado and left over salad...YUM! Oh and lets not forget pickles! I love pickles!

After lunch I was starting to feel my 5am wake up and wanted a I laid down for about an hour and a half.

Once I woke up I started on dinner...I adapted a recipe from the no meat athlete blog as I didn't have the exact ingredients :) I do this all the time so I can use up my veggies but still want to try something new, It was called Baltimorean beans and rice, which consisted of black eyed peas, onion, garlic, chopped broccolini, corn and some cider vinegar and vegan Worcestershire, Although I didn't serve mine with rice I had roasted veggies instead, It also called for kale which I subbed broccolini as I had some that needed to be eaten :)

I also made cup cakes the other day for Georges B-Day...I knew there would be cake and I wanted to partake in the desserts :) they actually turned out great...really fudgy but next batch will have walnuts YUM!

After Supper I went out to practice my parking....Ugh I have lots to practice before the 21!!!

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  1. NMA's recipe's rock! I tried the Med rice, am going to have to try the others! Like your substitute of broccolini - love it!