Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Past Weekend and the begining of this week

Well Saturday was a hectic day! First got up early to get read to go to the city as M and I were invited to go to stags for our awesome friends that are getting married next week! M needed to be there around 1:30pm and mine didn't start until 7pm so I had a lot of time to eat up so I was dropped off at the "Mall" which fits perfect into my plan as I needed a haircut and to pick up a few items before I was ready :)

I had Extreme Pita for lunch and a small bag of baked lays...I was surprised that the chips are only 130 cal a bag and not really salty at all...YUM!

I was fortunate enough to have April (Sister of the bride and good friend) call me and ask if I had enough of the mall and see if I wanted to hang with her for a bit before the event..I was totally cool with that! as I didn't want to be changing in the mall bathroom! LOL

After we picked everyone up, we made our way to Bourbon street to The Red Piano. I will spare you the crappiness of the evening, as I would like to remember the good times! But do note the service and disposition of the Red Piano made it so I will never be back) I looked on line and there seemed to be limited to the vegan choices, but I new I could make due so no worries! I ordered the grapefruit salad and a side of asparagus. Both tasted good. The entertainment was just OK, actually I was disappointed as I thought duelling pianos would be different....

I didn't get back to April's until 5am...yup you read that right! 5am! so needless to say we slept until about 12:30....April and Pat are not vegan but I did eat about 1/4 of the watermelon that was from the Bogs Stag :) and WOW they picked an awesome watermelon! it was really tasty!

Shortly after we made our way back home and before picking up a few items from WM I had M stop at subway, I had a veggies on 9 grain bun....YUM!

.....I cant remember what I had for supper but I think it was a sandwich :)

Monday was just as busy as the weekend...Dropped my brother in law (well soon to be) off at the airport then headed back to the city for a Dr. Apt. Nothing too serious, but for the last 5 or so years they have detected "abnormal cells" which have a tendency to turn cancerous, so I get my "yearly' every six months. So far my Doc says its just precaution and nothing to worry about.
Monday's breakfast was a bit weird, a bagel with hummus and veggies on one side and organic peanut butter on the other with a bowl of fruit. :)

I took this opportunity to ask a few questions as lately I have been feeling a bit off.

Today...I had a bit of a weird breakfast (again), yogurt with some strawberries and a bowl of dry cereal...sometimes I just like dry cereal :)

Lunch was a bagel with hummus, spring mix lettuce, alfalfa sprouts and avocado. Along with a mini cucumber and a small fruit salad (Kiwi, strawberries and blueberries)
For supper I had 2 spelt burgers (recipe from Clean eating Mama..YUM!) topped with some Frenches. Along with a frozen veg mix and a salad...the Salad was great as I made the dressing! using pineapple juice, vinegar, garlic and cumin. Very light and fresh :)

After dinner went for a mini walk then made some Sleepy tea and had a few peanut butter filled pretzels that I shared with M :)

OOO I almost forgot to mention that I went out driving today! really worked my parallel parking and over all did quite well...Will be back out tomorrow as I only have a few days of practice left..

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