Friday, June 11, 2010

Zucchini Pasta and Millet Pizza

Today was a lazy day! I know what day isnt when your not working! But I must say I do miss work as I am a social being by heart so I cant wait to get to Vancouver so I can start scouting out a job!
We did get some cleaning up done though which is nice as it was getting a bit piled up! And with such a busy Saturday ahead. I will be packing a bag incase the eats that are out are not Jenn friendly...Good thing I made a huge batch of hummus (red pepper flavor YUM!) so I will bring that and some crackers/veggies to share. I also got a great idea from a website (:( cant remember which) to add a different kind of beans to your hummus for chickpea and black bean...

Today was the day after M tried Veganism for a week, He did pretty good and I tried a few new recipes so he would get bored. But for his reward I said he could have pizza after his challenge! I think we will see a decline in the meat consumption at our house, Although he said he missed cheese and eggs most, I mentioned that he could try vegetarianism, but I think he dosent want to put a label on it just yet... But I did want to give him Kuddos for trying it on! YAY M!

Well on to today's eats...

Breakfast was cereal and silk....and an orange, this was the new cereal that I got from London drugs...They always have "Natures Path" cereal on sale for around 3.50 a box where here at WM its more than 5 bucks! So I usually buy a few boxes and mix them in my cereal bin and I maximize the flavor :)

Lunch was a can of butternut squash and red pepper soup...It was really good! I will be looking for a recipe for this (I am trying to get away from canned soup) and I had some toast with earth balance.

Supper was zucchini pasta and Millet Pizza....Now these names are a bit misleading, let me clarify :)

I have read The Thrive Diet, and saw on a few other blogs about zucchini Pasta, so I really wanted to try it! So unfortunately I do not have a veggie pasta maker (YET) I used my potato pealer to peal the zucchini into strips, then cut the strips in half as I didnt want them thick.

I browned 1 garlic clove and green onion, then added some mushrooms. Cooked for a few minutes. Added some thin strips of green and red pepper and the zucchini. Stir fry for a few minutes until your desired tenderness. once in my bowl I squeezed a 1/4 of a lemon and sprinkled with fresh basil and some dried parsley (I didnt have fresh parsley) This may have just become my most favorite food ever!

I also got a pizza from the local pizza place (I currently live in Millet) see how this is misleading as I sounds a bit like the pizza is made from the grain millet...**Note I had 2 slices with my I will freeze the rest and see if it survives the reheat.

Well I had 2 slices, and as usual they were super tasty! And they have made up for the dissapointment in the pizza of last time! So if you are ever in Millet, I suggest stopping in at Leanne's on the main street and treat yourself to a pizza!
OOO I also just noticed that I got my first follower :) Hi Cori! Please do chime in if you have any questions or suggestions for me!
Off to the In I need an outfit for tomorrow and that is where my closet resides...well for now anyway :)

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