Saturday, July 3, 2010

WOW....Been a long time!

Funny how life seems to get away from you! sooo What have I been up to lately?? Well I passed my drivers test and got my licence in the mail today...but I will need to go to the registry office on Monday as the expiry date states Jun 23 2010...LOL

I have been spending most of my time at the farm weeding, WOW what a work out THAT is! and let me tell you its not like there is a little garden its 4 acres of land! and we are still not done! I will be going back Monday to continue to help out, not like I have anything else to do and frankly its nice to be doing something other than sitting on my butt for most of the day!

Last night I went out to the city for my sister in laws stag...It was pretty fun! but WOW the bar scene is sooo different and on of the bars we went to was sooo gross that we only stayed for about 10 minutes! LOL I also had a bit of trouble as I didn't have any ID...funny as I know I look great for 33, but really I know I could not pass for under 18! but I guess everyone has their procedures!

My eating has been pretty much on board...usually oatmeal...I cant believe how much I love the oatmeal I make! although I ran out of unsweetened coconut and used sweetened for the last couple of times, and really I am not a fan of it, but I have 2 packages to eat up so I guess I will grin and bear it...I bought some blueberries so I will have them instead of banana tomorrow!

I am trying to continue to eat up the food we have in our pantry as we are hopefully leaving in August...YAY I am going to spend tomorrow cleaning up the trailer and organizing, butting our stuff away...I am super excited that its getting close to our departure!

Thinking of our travels, I was also getting ideas for different jobs, I am still wanting to work in an accounting office as I really enjoy bookkeeping, but I was thinking of trying for part time as I don't really want to be sitting behind a desk M-F 5 days a week! My sister in law has a cleaning business and I am thinking that I might do that, easy and fun...especially if I have music ...still exploring that idea and need to pick her brain a bit...

I have also been future thinking...and have been entertaining that idea of looking into starting a small business, of course I have lots of research to do and it would depend where we decide to settle down, I think it would be great to live in a not too small not too big town with a little shop :) I will post future ideas and what not as it comes up :)

I am hoping to bake a cake tomorrow night and will be off to visit my parents...I will snap a pic of it to show and I will sport my new apron too :)

Well I am going to finish up my tea and head to bed...getting up early to get in a run before it gets too hot!
Have an Awesome Sunday and Happy 4th of July for all the peeps down south :)!

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