Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cake, Shower and Running

Hope every one's week was great! I have some pictures that are backlogged for the last few weeks to fill you in I hope you bare with me :) First though I will update my goings ons...Which isn't too much! this week M and I started to exercise together which is awesome! I have started slow with 6K once on Sunday and once on Tuesday then we are going to get tomorrow too and try to keep this schedule going :) Although M doesn't like to run so he bikes beside and he is quite enjoying it! YAY
I also made a cake this turned our awesome! I got the recipe from and adapted it to what I had on hand and used the comments as a guide. This cake was sooo delicious that I will also make it for Cheryl's gift opening and for the upcoming family reunion :) Pic to follow.
Sunday was Cheryl's Bridal shower. It was really nice her friend really went all out! although I was a little disappointed that there was food served as I was told that there wouldn't be, the food looked great, but having different dietary needs I usually like to know in advance so that I can prepare something for myself so I am not left out, but other than that it was an awesome time! We all thought it was funny that M won the clothes pin game! LOL
Here are some Pics...Food and Farm findings :)
Finding #1! I found this awesome pic of M while going through the recent pictures I took...WOW this one is my favorite of him so far!
Here M found a Frog while weed eating...looks like a little tree frog...its funny how M looks so excited to be holding it...He's so cute!
We found this beetle out at the farm, and although the picture doesn't show very well...the beetle was huge!!
This was lunch yesterday...after a good 6K I had left over stir fried veggies and sweet potato along with a peach and a green Monster....sounds like a lot..but I was super hungry...
I made this awesome salad on Monday...consisted of spinach, cucumber, tomato, blueberries, raspberries, soy nuts, pumpkin seeds, green onion...very good!
This was the awesome cake I made...I will post the recipe in a post on its own :)
My fav #1 breakfast: Oatmeal coconut (although I am using sweetened Blah), slivered almonds, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, raspberries and a splash of soy milk
Fav Breakfast #2! Tofu scramble! YUM! tofu cut in little cubes, green onion, green pepper, mushrooms and salsa along with a potato cake, orange and toast.

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