Monday, July 12, 2010

Blah Day!

Well...We are getting down to crunch time! One more week prepping for Cheryl's wedding then M and I are going to spending time on getting the trailer ready for our big trip! I brought some of our maps in to start mapping out a route and create a budget so we can make our trip more of a holiday :)
Its been so rainy lately that we have not been able to go to the farm and work, I find myself very stir crazy and wish to get back to work...I know that once we are in our new location I will be looking for a job ASAP! I need to be out in the world interacting with other humans! LOL

I find when I am feeling this way I don't make the best choices for meals! So I hope the weather passes and I get back on track!

Today I had woke up pretty late, so I had a sandwich and tomato soup for Breakfast/lunch then in the late afternoon I have a few slices of pizza (leanne's veggie, no cheese) Then for dinner I had baked a butter nut squash (for the first time :)) fried up some tofu topped with Asian 5 Spice sauce and sided with some fresh red pepper and cucumber...It was very tasty!
The G-sale went ok...We were rained out Saturday, and Thursday/Friday I think we barely made over 10 bucks! BOO! But Sunday was a lot better, and we were not even open! LOL So that is the last of the G-sales...and we are having pretty good luck with selling the other big/expensive items.
Later :P

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