Thursday, August 12, 2010

Been too long!!

WOW Its been quite a while since I have written! I think more than a month!

Well I kind of fell out of sight for a bit, there were some stressful situations that happened and a little drama thrown in...then frankly I just kind of went through the motions for a bit...

Well now that I have woke up, I am getting back on the proverbial horse! I did not take any pics today, but I ate pretty healthy:

B= Oatmeal w fresh peaches and raspberries some walnuts and cinnamon and a splash of silk

L= AP&J I am trying to eat up my almond butter before I go so I can pick up a new jar (we have limited space so I would rather travel with a full jar!) I used the last of my black current compote and put a few over ripe raspberries on the jam and then mushed the two pcs of bread together...WOW super YUM! I also ate the last pit of the tomato/cucumber/pepper/onion/olive salad

S=my version of Vietnamese noodle soup: onion mushroom, pepper, celery, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli with some vermicelli (made from green beans and peas) noodles with veggies broth and water

Snack= peach and cherries

No exercise yet...hopefully motivated tomorrow... :) I would like to go for a nice 6 K to gear up for some mountain trails :)

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