Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finally Free WIFI

Well we made it past Jasper, to the little town of Blue River. We were going to stay in Valmount but it didn't look super nice there so we decided to try out the next town, and here we are!

Here are some notes from the last few days...

Day 1 Thurs. Aug 19: This was the first day we stayed in the trailer. Not bad, it was only the night as we stayed in the house during the day for the Internet and food. Sleeping was nice and comfy, although the trailer is a disaster zone! LOL

Day 2 Fri. Aug 20: I was fortunate that we got so much clean up done that I went to the city with my Mom and brother. While in the city M drove the trailer to Calmar and we parked just in front of my parents house. We were going to leave today, but decided to stay one more day in Calmar so we could enjoy Calmar Days. It was pretty fun and nice to have an extra day to spend with my family :) The sleep was still pretty good, but trailer is still a disaster!

Day 3 Sat Aug 21: Woke up early and went to the pancake breakfast...well M enjoyed the breakfast, no Vegan option...actually I was told by my Bro that I was the only Vegan currently in Calmar! LOL I just had some toast at Mom's when we got back. We worked for about an hour organizing our storage then made our way to the main street for the town garage sale. Once done browsing we went up to say good by to Dad and Jay then back to Mom's to get on the road!

After gassing up we were on our way...First stop: Medicine Lake, AB. Where we met up with M's siblings. We camped out for the night having smokies and hotdogs for supper...funny my Vegan hotdogs tasted sooo much better today then before :) Went for an awesome bike ride with M then a great walk with my SIL. Lots of fun times before we actually depart!

With it being the 3rd day in the trailer I really only have one complaint, which is the 10 inch square air vent above the bed....its awesome for fresh air, but sucks as it lets in a lot of light at around 5 am! Once we get to an RV place we will be looking for some covers for this! LOL

Day 4 & 5 Sun/Mon Aug 22/23: Woke up and cooked up a lot of I could have some food for lunch on the road. So while M cooked up his eggs, I roasted some mushrooms, peppers and faux chicken kabob YUM! After breakfast we cleaned up the camp sites and said our goodbyes and departed...Made our way through the windy road back to the highway and off to Edson! Once in Edson we noticed that there was a Wal-Mart, so we made our way there and set up camp...that's right we stayed in the Wal-Mart parting lot LOL We decided to look around town to see if we could fix a few problems that we noticed...First we needed to remove the spare tire lock...Which the Awesome people at Fountain tire helped us out with no charge! If ever you are in need of Fountain Tire services please visit the Edson Store! their customer Service ROCKS! Next scary enough M noticed that our trailer brakes were not engaging. So off to a local mechanic shop as Ford was booked up solid, and again the customer service was Outstanding! Dwayne's Mechanic Shop in Edson they helped us out even though they were also very busy! As we rolled into Edson on a Sunday afternoon, and we didn't get everything fixed up until Monday afternoon we decided to stay an additional night at the Wal-mart.

Living at the Wal-Mart...Pro: Free and convenience of shopping Con: No trailer no electricity/Water/Sewer so pretty boring once the sun went down..thankfully the laptop has enough battery life for a movie :) YAY

Day 6 Tuesday Aug 24: Left Edson and making our way to Jasper. Not too much for wild life so far...saw a deer and a couple of coyotes on the way to Hinton and throughout our whole trip there have been a large population of crows...Blah not my fav...

Noted to self that next time we drive through this way we are to stay at the Hinton Wal-Mart as there are more shopping options then Edson :)

Rolled into Jasper and spotted out our camp ground. Site # 16 @ Wapiti was home for 2 days...Although we knew that sharing a campground with mostly seniors we are surprised how quiet it was and how early they pack it in! LOL We do have electricity here, but no water and no WIFI...Although we are not concerned with this as the scenery is breath taking! First night we tooled around Jasper and went into the shops a bit...** Note if you are Vegan, there isn't much here, at least not that I saw! I had a great walk up the Athabasca river while M napped :) Still not much for wild life, but did get a squirrel to pose for a pic :) (Pics will be on a different post!)

I must say that for my first time in Jasper, I really like Banff better, I am not sure what it is I just love Banff!

Day 7 Wed. Aug 25: Day 2 in Jasper. I have talked M into taking the Gondola up to the top tower on Whistlers mountain. from there, there is a trail up to the summit of the mountain...WOW it was an awesome climb and being on the top of the summit the view was breath taking...Although the gondola was nerve racking it was sooo worth the $30 each to go up! After our climb we stayed for a bite as the restaurant offered vegan Chili...YAY! and it was pretty good! After coming down off the mountain we went back to home base to relax...M and I strolled down to the river and saw some rafters....M wanted to go see if we could go too, but unfortunately we were too late for today and we are leaving tomorrow :( But I know this is sooooo not our last chance to do this actually I read that Hope offers some great rapids...I will keep you posted.

Supper was awesome. We finally tempted to try our stove...I cooked up a mushroom/onion mixture then steamed some broccolini added a side salad for a super YUM meal...Sorry no Pic:( Tonight I will use the left over onion/mushroom mix and make a pasta sauce.

Day 8 Thurs. Aug 26: Today we left Jasper...Although last night was rainy, we woke up to a nice sunny day. Got cleaned up and set off to the town of Blue River. With a couple of stops (a huge rest area about an hour out of Jasper....WOW did I have to GO!!!!) funny as you drive the Yellowhead, you see some signs that state...High Mountain Road Careful: Weather can Suddenly Change! We walked into the Info Centre with the sun shining....when we were leaving it was pouring! LOL so we rested and hung out in the trailer and had lunch until it let up a bit. Back on the road, the drive was nice...still no wild life. But I am keeping my eye out! We got to Blue River and YAY for WIFI! we are just hanging out in the trailer as it is raining...We haven't decided if we are spending another night here yet as its suppose to be rainy tomorrow too...but really nice for the weekend! Well I will now attempt to post some Pics :) Enjoy! and promise to take more Food Pics!

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